Monno Medical College and Hospital

studying MBBS at Monno Medical College and Hospital, let us first explore why Bangladesh has emerged as a popular destination for medical education. One of the primary reasons is the affordability of MBBS programs in the country compared to other countries. Bangladesh offers world-class medical education at a fraction of the cost, making it an attractive option for international students. Additionally, the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization recognize the MBBS degree awarded by Bangladeshi medical institutions, enabling graduates to practice medicine globally.

Established 2011
COLLEGE TYPE Private medical college
Academic affiliation Dhaka University
Course Duration 5 + 1 Year internship
Language English, Bangla

Why choose MBBS in Monno Medical College and Hospital

Choosing the right institution for MBBS is a decision that can shape one's entire medical career. Monno Medical College and Hospital stands out as the top choice for MBBS in Bangladesh due to its exceptional facilities, experienced faculty, and comprehensive clinical training opportunities. The college's transparent admission process, affordable fees, and strong alumni network further enhance its appeal to aspiring medical students. By choosing Monno Medical College and Hospital, students can embark on a journey towards becoming skilled and compassionate doctors, equipped to make a difference in the world of medicine.

Admission process for MBBS at Monno Medical College and Hospital

Securing admission to a reputable medical college is the first step towards a successful medical career. Monno Medical College and Hospital follows a transparent and merit-based admission process, ensuring that deserving students are selected. The college considers students' academic performance, entrance exam scores, and interviews in the selection process. This fair and comprehensive admission procedure offers equal opportunities to all aspiring medical students.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS at Monno Medical College and Hospital

The Foreign students would come through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country and having clearance from the foreign and the home ministries of Bangladesh. After which their eligibility will be decided by the Directorate of Medical Education in Bangladesh and will be given an ‘Equivalence Certificate’ if found eligible.

  1. Documents to be submitted by the Candidates for Admission to MBBS Cource:
    1. Photocopies of original Certificates of SSC & HSC/ equipment examinations;
    2. Photocopies of SSC & HSC/ equipment examinations’ Marks Sheets;
    3. Photocopies of original Testimonials;
    4. Certificate(s) of sports/social work(s) or any other extra-curricular activities;
    5. A Character Certificate from head of the Institute in which the candidate studied lastly;
    6. Equivalence Certificate (for Foreign students only). Original copies of the documents must be produced a the time of admission and all the original documents shall be retained by the MoMC until graduating from the college.

Monno Medical College and Hospital MBBS Cource Fees Structure For Indian Students

Foreign Students following amount to be paid at the time of admission: USD $ 45,000