Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital

Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital is one of the leading medical institutions in Bangladesh. Established in 2005, the college is affiliated with the University of Dhaka and is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). The college offers a comprehensive MBBS program that focuses on both theoretical knowledge and practical training. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty members, Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital provides students with a conducive learning environment that prepares them for a successful medical career. Studying medicine is a dream for many aspiring doctors around the world. With the increasing demand for quality medical education, more and more students are considering international options to pursue their MBBS degree. One such country that has emerged as a popular destination for medical education is Bangladesh. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the reasons why Bangladesh is an excellent choice for studying MBBS, with a focus on Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital.

Established 2005
COLLEGE TYPE Private medical college
Academic affiliation Dhaka University
Course Duration 5 + 1 Year internship
Language English, Bangla

Why choose Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital for your MBBS degree?

Bangladesh has become a preferred destination for international students seeking quality medical education. There are several reasons why Bangladesh stands out as an ideal choice for studying MBBS. Firstly, the country boasts a number of reputable medical colleges that offer world-class education at an affordable cost. Medical colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by international medical bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI), ensuring that graduates are eligible to practice in their home countries. Additionally, the medium of instruction is English, which makes it easier for international students to adapt to the curriculum and communicate with patients.

Admission process for MBBS at Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital

The admission process for MBBS in Bangladesh is relatively straightforward. Prospective students are required to submit their application forms along with the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, passport copies, and a recent passport-sized photograph. The application forms can be obtained from the official website of Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital or through authorized agents. Once the application is submitted, candidates are evaluated based on their academic performance. Shortlisted candidates are then invited for an interview conducted by the admission committee. Successful candidates are offered admission and are required to complete the necessary formalities to secure their seat.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS at Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital

Following are the steps that you need take if you want to get admitted into Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital.

  1. You eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS Cource:
    1. Candidates intending to get themselves admitted in Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital must have passed S.S.C. or equivalent examination in 2014, 2015 and H.S.C. or equivalent examination in the year 2016, 2017 and must possess combined G.P.A. score 9.00.
    2. Students must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in H.S. C. or equivalent examination and minimum G.P.A. should be 3.50 in Biology in H.S.C. examination.
    3. Tribal and Hill tracts candidates must possess minimum H.S.C and S.S.C. with total G.P.A. score of 8.00.
    4. General candidates should possess minimum G.P.A. 3.50 in S.S.C. or H.S.C. examinations or Tribal and Hill tracts candidates should possess minimum G.P.A. 3.50 in S.S.C or H.S.C. examinations.
    5. Those who passed O-level and A-Level and have equivalent G.P.A. points are also eligible to apply.
    6. Foreign students may also apply with equivalence certificate of G.P.A. from D.G. Health Services, Bangladesh.

Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital MBBS Cource Fees Structure For Indian Students

For Foreign Students following amount to be paid at the time of admission:
Five Years MBBS Course Fees (Package) USD $ 40,000